volvo key issues

Todd Wilkin • 27 November 2019

So I bought a s/hand xc90, 2011 model with 65,000k's on it about 21/2 years ago, have done 70,000k's.

About a year ago we had an issue that seemed that the car wouldn't turn over when it was hot, after a year (new starter motor, battery good, new key tumbler) it turns out, if the KEY is over, roughly 16 degrees, the car comes up with a "key status not recognised" but no actual error. You chill the key (butane works as well to freeze it) and it will start EVERY time. It never stops once going either, its a nightmare, any ideas?


Hi Todd

Everything electronic in these Volvo's is controlled by microprocessors and memory chips. Sometimes they get "confused" and some function has an error.

Disconnecting the battery will reset everything, but I will be afraid to do by myself because it is a new car. I would recommend to have an opinion from a volvo professional guy ( he will know if it will harm your car  when you disconnect battery).

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  • Hi Fisi G and thanks for the comment, no the whole system has been rebooted and battery disconnected, reconnected by professionals, thanks though

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  • What did this guy say about this problem ??
    Did he do any scan with a diagnostic tool in your car ? 
    Did he see any error code ?  

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  • Yes we have had it on a normal diagnostic tool and when the key is warm it says something like " it doesn't recognise the status" of the key, then we put the new tumbler in and it still did it so I took it to the actual volvo dealer and they rebooted etc.. It doesn't throw an error in the car, The dealer tells me they managed to get a key to hold its programming for about 3 hours and then it reverted back to having to be chilled. I will probably get a new key and see if that helps but I have my doubts. thanks again

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  • Hope they will fix it your problem. New cars have to much electronic parts and everything is controlled by them. I am very curious to know, why this is happening.I will find the owners manual of volvo and do some extra research about volvo key build, just small analyse of key. Let us know if new key will fix your problem. Thanks 

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  • Its really appreciated thanks Fisi G, I am also thinking that it just may be something like the Central Electronic Module which is how I got to this forum in the first place, bizarre that temp. of the key does it though

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