2006-2013 (W221)

Need wiring diagram for ABS Controller (2007 S600 Mercedes)

13 Sep 2019 •
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Getting errors from the ABS control module and before I go through the expense of replacing it, I want to be sure that it's the module.  There are 2 main lines running into the top (Both red).  Need to know if both should be giving 14v (engine running).      

Bluetooth Adaptor Dongle for Mercedes Benz

22 Aug 2019 •
For a while on my car, the bluetooth adapter was broken so I finally bought a new bluetooth cradle adapter. When I went through the process of pairing my phone, it went okay, and everything got set up. My car authorized my phone and on my bluetooth screen on my phone (iphone XR), a new device showed up. However, this device was named "mobile phone" which I thought was strange. Even more so, when I clicked on it, it said that "this device is not supported by iphone." and promptly asked me to forget this device. I trolled around online, couldn't find anything specific for this case.