2007-2012 (X164)


14 Jan 2020 •
My GL450, one side is down and the other side is up. I was told the right rear air spring(bag) is blown which it is. Before, my gl450 sits low when off but when on, it rises up. However, after getting new tires and doing an alignment, one side would not go up. My problem happened right after new tires and alignment was done. Took it to mercedes and they told me that the air bag is popped, but they also want me to replace all FOUR level sensors and the left rear air spring(bag) too.

GL450 .164 Battery disconnect

25 Nov 2019 •
When doing electrical component repairs, do you disconnect the Battery? In this case, I am swapping out a bad Door Control Module.

Mercedes GL350 X164 Air Suspension Issues

18 Nov 2019 •
I am having problems with my air suspension and was hoping someone could offer some guidance.  My air suspension stopped working and I receive a malfunction message in my dash. I went through some troubleshooting steps like checking the relay and fuse which were ok. I suspected the compressor was at fault as I could not here it turn on, and it was a cheap Chinese unit.  I replaced the compressor and while I was in there, also replaced the valve block, which means the car dropped as low as it would go.

AdBlue Bypass

14 Nov 2019 •
I am having continuing problems with the adblue system in my 2012 GL350. After filling with MD AdBlu the start limit notice doesn't reset and after having it reset my the mechanic it comes back on within one or two starts. Is there a bypass available for the system or a way that I can reset myself? Software was updated by local dealer but problem persists. I heard there is a Mercedes fix that reprograms the sensor to accommodate the resistance degradation of the sensor. Is that true?

Engine sound louder than normal

7 Sep 2019 •
Recently engine noise louder than normal, not knocking or humming, just overall louder and a bit sluggish. Oil, plugs and air filter recently replaced but did not solve problem.  Pls help with troubleshoot - thanks

Mercedes Airmatic Suspension Issues

20 Jun 2019 •
Hi,  I recently changed my air compressor as it had failed. The front right side of the car used to drop overnight so changed the suspension air bag along with the compressor. The car no longer drops as it used to, but I still hear the compressor turn on for a few seconds in the morning which indicates there still may be a leak somewhere.