Mercedes GWAGON Rebuild?

Gundy • 1 December 2019

Hi I have a 2001 GD290 Turbo Diesel Automatic GWAGON. It's a beautiful car, a beast ,runs well and has been maintained well. But it's slow! It's a pity, coz it's an amazing car. My question is simple: HOW CAN I MAKE IT FASTER? My knowledge on cars is limited and I live in Nairobi, Kenya. Can a simply change the engine? Put in a more modern, more powerful Gwagon Engine? Put in another kind of engine? I just want to make it faster!


I have Audi 80 B4 1.9TD 75ps,  it is not fast. I didn't touch nothing in engine, it is old and works perfect. I bought another car that is faster.  My opinion is leave like that because your engine won't go to long. 

Yes you can make it faster: Turbo upgrade or you can give more fuel in injectors(professional guy can do that).


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  • If your are going to change your engine. I recommend 220CDI , legendary engine in mercedes benz. I love this engine. 

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