Media Interface DC power

JSR • 30 November 2019
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I have a 2012 E350.  I use an Ipod Touch 6th Generation connected to the Media Interface in the arm rest.  It works great.  When the car is "on", DC power is supplied to the Ipod from the car.  When the car is off, however, there is no DC power from the car to the Ipod and the Ipod continues to run on it's own internal battery and eventually the battery is exhausted.  (I'm not driving so much any more.)

I understand that I could manually turn the Ipod off when I exit the car.  However, I am wondering if, instead of that, I could make the DC power from the Media Interface "always on" and keep it from shutting off when the car is shut off?  So, help would be much appreciated as to this modification.  I have read that some of the fuses in the fuse blocks can be set so that their circuits do NOT shut off with the car turn off.  Any help appreciated.  JSR

If you do that you will drain the battery and have a dead car. But to answer your question, it may be possible with star diagnostics but I personally have not played with that setting and would not recommend it. 

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