2010-2016 (W212)


17 Oct 2019 •

e#50 Command control knob connector

15 Oct 2019 •
I have the command control knob failure and I have removed the command control but I cannot get the connector off the slide attachment where it is held below the console ashtray. Is there some trick to detaching the connector from the platform? It is the white connector that attaches to the ribbon cable that goes to the command control knob unit.

Check engine light

27 Sep 2019 •
Will the check engine light come on if you use less then 91 octane fuel (accidentally)?

Jerky transmission shifting

26 Sep 2019 •
I recently had the valve body replaced in my 2010 MB E350.  I now sometimes feel a slight jerk when it shifts.  The mechanic told me it was programmed for a hard acceleration and will adjust to my driving habits in about a month.  Is he putting me off, or will it adjust?  It is a problem I need to address immediately?

COMAND option

26 Sep 2019 •
Could anybody please tell me what version on COMAND I have please? part No. A2189005607 Manufacturer Mitsubishi Electrics Model NR-218

Rear view mirror light - Mercedes E550

15 Aug 2019 •
I had my start button replaced. When I click the unlock button on my keyfob the rearview mirror light turns on and stays on when the car is running. I cannot get it to turn off. Does anyone know what this might be from? The rear view light turns off when the car is off. Thank you

Mercedes e class 2016 android auto

3 Aug 2019 •
I have a e class build 2016/03 with the audio 20 navigation capable ntg5. Is it possible to get android auto for this model?  I'm finding very conflicting info when I search the web.    ANDY