2003-2009 (W211)

2004 E500 Headlights

9 Feb 2020 •
I just bought 2004 E500. The headlights (OEM) are crap. The brightness is bad and barely show me whats in front of me. Can I get better brightness on my low beam, DLRs(My car shop will be adjusting the angle), or it is what it is? Can I exchange the back to LED or are they already LED? Thanks a lot

2003mercedes e320 key not working

9 Jan 2020 •
My key worked just fine last night but when I went to start my car this morning it won’t turn in the ignition or lock/unlock the doors. I push the buttons and nothing happens. No little light comes on. Nothing! Please help!!

Comand System software updates

28 Nov 2019 •
Hi guys, I've been wading thru the plethora of info out there regarding the updating of the Command system software, however, I've not been getting too far...just a lot of dead-ends. Can anyone please steer me towards a reliable resource for the above-mentioned. Thanks ever so in advance. Cheers Tony

E500 Transmission ECU trade

17 Nov 2019 •
I've changed the transmission conductor plate on a 320 with success.  Now I have a 2004 E500 That looks like it needs a conductor plate,(Code says speed sensor).  My research shows that you cannot switch the conductor plates like you could with the E320.  Apparently, they are serialized to the car body and a legit replacement is about $500 or more..  But I have a good spare E500.  So here is my question.  Can I use the good conductor plate of Mercedes "A" and replace the mounted Control unit with the control control of the original Mercedes "B" unit.  I'm hoping that the serialized control

main battery replacement 2006 E350 MB

8 Nov 2019 •
Any problem changing main battery in trunk in 2006 E350 MB with 2nd small battery under hood?

error code p0088

5 Nov 2019 •
Hei, har en w211 200 cdi diesel som noen ganger kommer med en feilkode P0088 Fuel Rail system press for high bank 1, feilkoden kommer bare noen ganger, har vært i forskjellige verksteder, men ingen finner ut hva det er, har du noe idé om hva det kan være?

ABS light cruise control, traction control light

1 Nov 2019 •
I recently replaced the front wheel bearing , both sides. Since then all these light are on. Even before the car moved the abs light was on. There are no markings on the bearing or seal so it is not a reading problem.  Took it to three mechanics and after paying big bucks nothing. The sensors were replaced. Something about distance not correct. They do not know. Pretty straight forward job but a nightmare afterwards.  Have any of you had this problem?

Rear backing-up sensor Distance Readout

14 Oct 2019 •
Can anyone help me PLEASE with the "approximate distance" readout thingy that you can see through the rearview mirror and hangs from the ceiling by the rear window? (Picture attached) As one backs up it shows the distance to an object. Mine lights up, beeps fine and the beep frequency increases as I get closer to an object, it gives a readout but the little numerals don't appear normal. For example, a 8 reads as a backwards L or a 7 as I, you know, fragments of the numeral don't light up. Any ideas other than giving Mercedes $3 million and my 3rd born male child?

COMAND issue

13 Oct 2019 •
Looking for a workaround for COMAND issue.  Radio will not turn off with ignition and steering wheel controls will not work with radio.  Have removed fuses 26-28 and 6 for soft reset for 15 minutes but did not fix issue.  Any suggestions?

Upgrade Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Case to Chrome Shell

11 Sep 2019 •
http://www.mercedesmedic.com/upgrade-mercedes-benz-key-fob-case-to-chrome-shell/ Are you 100% sure our black key fob shell that use 2 batteries will work with only 1 battery?  Keyecu say NO that this chrome key shell is NOT an upgrade but a replacement shell for an existing chrome key shell (very misleading information many has MB drivers has damaged their key circuitboard ending up with no working key Can anyone confirm please?