Mercedes oil problem

10 Feb 2020 •
I have a 2001 Mercedes e320 2001 and the oil is not showing on the dipstick, but when I open the oil cap to put oil I can see the oil like if it’s overfill 

2004 E500 Headlights

9 Feb 2020 •
I just bought 2004 E500. The headlights (OEM) are crap. The brightness is bad and barely show me whats in front of me. Can I get better brightness on my low beam, DLRs(My car shop will be adjusting the angle), or it is what it is? Can I exchange the back to LED or are they already LED? Thanks a lot

2003mercedes e320 key not working

9 Jan 2020 •
My key worked just fine last night but when I went to start my car this morning it won’t turn in the ignition or lock/unlock the doors. I push the buttons and nothing happens. No little light comes on. Nothing! Please help!!

Where's the power steering pump on my car

10 Dec 2019 •
Lately I've been hearing a slight sound whenever I am turning the steering wheel after backing out of my driveway. It is not a loud, nor a constant noise but I'm sure it's the steering. So went out and bought some power steering fluid but when I opened the hood to add the fluid, I could not find a container to fill. So thinking that I may just be ignorant of where one may be located in my vehicle I googled it but that did not help.

Starter replacement

7 Dec 2019 •
I have a 2011 Mercedes E550 coupe. Just installed a new battery and new starter. My husband did the install. Went to start it and loud grinding sound was all I got. Husband said he put the bolts on too tight.. Is that sound an indication of this or possibly something else? 

Media Interface DC power

30 Nov 2019 •
I have a 2012 E350.  I use an Ipod Touch 6th Generation connected to the Media Interface in the arm rest.  It works great.  When the car is "on", DC power is supplied to the Ipod from the car.  When the car is off, however, there is no DC power from the car to the Ipod and the Ipod continues to run on it's own internal battery and eventually the battery is exhausted.  (I'm not driving so much any more.)

Comand System software updates

28 Nov 2019 •
Hi guys, I've been wading thru the plethora of info out there regarding the updating of the Command system software, however, I've not been getting too far...just a lot of dead-ends. Can anyone please steer me towards a reliable resource for the above-mentioned. Thanks ever so in advance. Cheers Tony

Front left malfunction

26 Nov 2019 •
Hello I got fault coming up front left malfunction . So I got bypass connected and fault still coming back with diagnostic is coming back open circuit ? Any advise?

E500 Transmission ECU trade

17 Nov 2019 •
I've changed the transmission conductor plate on a 320 with success.  Now I have a 2004 E500 That looks like it needs a conductor plate,(Code says speed sensor).  My research shows that you cannot switch the conductor plates like you could with the E320.  Apparently, they are serialized to the car body and a legit replacement is about $500 or more..  But I have a good spare E500.  So here is my question.  Can I use the good conductor plate of Mercedes "A" and replace the mounted Control unit with the control control of the original Mercedes "B" unit.  I'm hoping that the serialized control