SAM programming

roadkill • 9 November 2019

Hello,  I just got a Mercedes 2005 CLK500.  It has a bad front SAM unit, the one by fuse box drivers side engine compartment.   If I get the exact part number used replacement SAM,  do I have to reprogram it?  If so, can I do it with the icarsoft MB2, or does it have to be done with the 'star'  scanner only mercedes shops have? I have heard good things about the icarsoftMB2,  but cannot confirm it the right one for the 2005 year.   I want to buy a scanner in any case, and need to know which one will work for this car.   

Thanks in advance,




First let me answer your second question that I know for sure. You can not use icarsfot mb ii  to code your SAM. That scanner is great for reading and clearing codes from any module but it does not do coding.

The front sam does need to be coded. The reasion is that there are a lot of options controlled by that module and they need to be changed to match the ones in your car. Even if the front SAM you get has the same part number it needs to be coded. For example your car may have headlight washing system, and the front SAM from the donor car does not have that feature. So the part number are identical but the codding of the unit is not the same.

With that said if you installed a used unit the only thing that is really critical is the VIN number. I can't rember if you need to code / program the VIN number in the front SAM. If you don't and you install a used SAM, some options may not work if the other car didn't have but at least your car will work.

If you do need to write the vin on the front sam then you are in trouble. I don't think this is the case with the W209 but you may want to double check. You can call any dealer and ask the parts or service dept. They will tell you for sure. Oh yeah, let us know too.

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