2008-____ (W204)

Mercedes C250 2012

1 Dec 2019 •
I changed my battery in my Mercedes now my car want start?

c250 mirror position

5 Nov 2019 •
Hello, I recently replaced the driver side mirror set (entire body electronic components ) that is pulled from another car, and note it cannot set into anyone of my memory seats, Normally I can recall the position of the mirror along with memory seat and this is working only on my replaced driver side mirror. not sure if you have any procedure that can help?

Mercedes 2012 C180 Coupe C204 passenger power seat does not stay upright position.

30 Sep 2019 •
I have a problem with my C180 coupe passenger power electric seat where it doesn't stay on its upright position as per normal. Currently the seat position is way to the back of the back seat. I saw one of post threads here but it is for the manual seats. Mine is the power electric seats which has the sliding motion if its being recline to the front/back for people to go in/out.

Wheel bearings, which ones for 4matic w204?

28 Sep 2019 •
Folks, I’m looking to replace the front wheel bearings for my 2013 4matic sport c300 and I keep finding two different options. One is to buy the double bearing or the kit with two individual, one larger one smaller, bearings. Can anyone confirm which one it should be before I take my wheels out?   thanks!

Power passenger seat

12 Aug 2019 •
The power passenger seat on my 2012 C250 has power, but the seat will not track evenly when going forward or backward. One side or the other leads or lags. Any suggestions on what to check for?

mercedes c350 v6 petrol 2013 w204

8 Aug 2019 •
afternoon all,    ive got a misfire problem on cylinder 6,    P0306 - Cylinder 6 Misfire Detected - Turbocharging pressure sensor circuit; Signal outside lower limit - Intermittent P0363 - Misfire Detected - Fueling Disabled - No symptom - Intermittent P0300 - Random/multiple cylinder misfire in gasoline mode detected - Turbocharging pressure sensor circuit; Signal outside lower limit - Intermittent  

assistance with audio

5 Aug 2019 •
how do I play music from my iPhone with this connection?