How to Start Kia Engine Using Key Fob Remote

17 Jan 2020 •
In this guide, you will find instructions on how to start Kia engine using your key fob. These instructions will only work if your Kia has a remote engine start option installed.  Procedure Here is how to start a Kia using your keyfob: Press the lock button and trunk and hold on your keyfob and hold. Alternatively, try lock button and panic button.  Your Kia engine should start. Once you enter your Kia, make sure to insert the key in the ignition and press the brake pedal within 30 seconds.

Aftermarket Kia Logo Badge Emblems

12 Feb 2018 •
Are you looking for a unique KIA logo on your car? Check out these aftermarket Kia logos. The broken K Kia logo is used in the Asian market and is also known as the Kia 3D K logo. Kia can be defined as "rising out of Asia". Kia 3D K Logo Emblem

Kia Engine Remote Start Kits

5 Jan 2018 •
Looking to add a remote engine start to your Kia? In this article, we provide a list of remote start systems available for Kia vehicles. These engine start system fit Kia Optima, Sorento, Cadenza, K900, Soul, Niro, Sportage, Sedona. A Kia remote start kit allows you to start your engine from the distance which is a nice feature if you want to warm up your vehicle (or cool it down the interior).

Kia Airbag Light Stay On | Common Problems | What it Means

4 Nov 2017 •
In this guide, you explain what it means when your Kia airbag (SRS) light stays on, common problems and how you can troubleshoot the airbag light yourself.  What does Kia airbag light mean?

Hi voltage fuse

15 Jan 2020 •
How do you change the high voltage fuse on a 2015 Kia optima hy ex model


26 Dec 2019 •
How many and were are the o2 SENSOR'S on an 07 Kia Rondo with an 2,7L V6  


23 Dec 2019 •
my kia optima 2016 is over heating after minutes of starting,fan is not working and i got code p1035 from diagnostics reading.  

Ayuda con kia sorento 2014

14 Dec 2019 •
Hello a few days ago I changed the control panel of the helm of my kia sorento 2014 since the audio buttons and call and hang up stopped working, to my surprise the new board that I installed gives me the same problem, have any idea that  problem could be


11 Dec 2019 •
Cold spell tried to start car it coughed I plugged the block heater. Now gear shifter locked up, security light off and must use key to get in car. By pass button not on middle console. Where is it

Kia 2009 Sedona code P2270 Bank 1 Sensor 2

26 Nov 2019 •
Hello, I have a 2009 Sedono just replaced catalytic converter few months a go.  Just last week it showed a cope P2270 on my dash.  I google it and it said Bank 1 Sensor 2 but I have no luck where is the location. Can anyone help?  Thanks and much appreciated.

Kia Rio shift lock

15 Nov 2019 •
have a 2011 Kia Rio .... i do not have one of those shift lock reset buttons where they normally are... does anyone know where it is or how to do it on this car?

KIA Sedona 2016, sliding doors

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi, KIA Sedona 2016, sliding doors in automatic mode are not working properly, are not fully closed. When closing makes a grinding/buzzing noise right as its about <br /> to close completely but then will not close all the way and it beeps and i have to get out and push on back end of door to completely get it to latch. How to solve this problem in home? Vehicle is in Europe.

Can u put a push to start in a manula kia soul

15 Nov 2019 •
I was looking in to making my 2015 6-Speed manual kia soul a push to start and wanna know if it is possible with any on these devices

Bypass shifter interlock 2004 kia optima 2.7

15 Nov 2019 •
My timing belt broke and I've already done whatever damage turning it over does after the belt broke. I just need to get it into neutral to move it.