2005-2011 (E90, E91, E92, E93)

Bmw 320d 2009

15 Jan 2020 •
Hi  I have bmw 320d 2009 model. Recently I took my car to garage because I was getting some cracking sound from speakers when ever i open the door or starts the car it will come for few seconds then gone. So I took it for check up however while  machanic check the amplifier and all sorts of wire which connects the amplifier suddenly the head unit trun red and then all blank after that no sound and no screen will start. He checked all the fuse and fuses all well. It's really very frustrating. Please help me on this I really don't know what to do. 

06 Bmw325

11 Nov 2019 •
Just baught the car broke down with codes in fuel pump control have no power at pump 

My 320i won't start

11 Nov 2019 •
My BMW 320i will not start,it turns over but no start & dashboard lights & symbols appear till the  battery loses complete charge also I can here a clicking noise coming from the CAS switch glove compartment fuse box.Can anyone help me with this situation please.

BMW help

12 Aug 2019 •
So, I have a 2011 BMW 3 series 328i. My brake light came on a day after I got the car also my ABS is on and a triangle with a circle around it had came on well. Two or three days later, it all turned off and I assumed it was fine. I had hit 100 down a long stretched road (in which I could do in my 2004 Mercury Sable and not have this problem) and my engine light came on and then they all came back on. What does this mean? I don’t know much about a BMW but should I get it scanned or go to the dealership and have them look for it?

E92 M3 Reduced Engine Power

28 Jul 2019 •
The half engine light occurs while idling(I stop the car waiting for red lights or something, like 10s later the light comes out, always) with reduced engine power message. Code:  278D BSD, Alternator Missing 279A DME Oil sensor 27E4 DME  Is the problem related to the alternator? or the regulator? or something went wrong with the cable? 

EGR spring broken

19 Jun 2019 •
I have a 2011 bmw 335d.  My car's egr spring is broken and it costs around $1200 to fix. Is there any way I can do DIY on it. Is it too difficult to fix?