Most Common BMW Noises & Problems

24 Jan 2020 •
In this article, we go over common BMW noises and possible causes.  If your BMW is making unusual noises it is important to get the car diagnosed as soon as possible. Certain car problems can put your safety at risk. 

How to Turn ON BMW Ignition | Dash Lights Without starting engine

13 Feb 2018 •
If your BMW is equipped with a Start/Stop button you may wonder how do you turn on the dashboard lights, radio, cigarette outlet without starting the car.

BMW Engine Auto Start Stop Feature Explained

13 Feb 2018 •
Newer BMWs are now equipped with Auto Start-Stop function. The main purpose of auto Start/Stop is to save fuel. Every time you stop at a red light or are stopped in traffic the engine turns off. Everything in the car including the ignition remains on. As soon as you take your foot off the brake the engine starts again automatically. It takes about 1 second for the BMW engine to restart.

Reverse polarity and airbag sensor

28 Jan 2020 •
Hi Everybody well the dumb blonde syndrome has once again become an issue. I hooked up my battery backward after what i have found out was a parasitic draw due to a light that was always on anyway when i  hooked it up wrong it did spark before i attached and then nothing. I turned the key and nothing again . no clicking no fuel pump just dead. Heres where I think after checking all of the fuses the modules and so forth . The airbag light has been on for some time and i now know it cuts all the power to the engine.

My Bmw is stuck in park

26 Jan 2020 •
Hi I have a BMW X6 with a ZF8 Auto box I just had the gearbox changed now the car won’t select a gear ? It has been topped up with oil it is stuck in park if you put it in drive the stick stays in park. The emergency neutral switch is down. It has been locked in neautral now so it can be moved and the stick is showing the green N. 

Whistle noise at start up

22 Jan 2020 •
2002 bmw 525i  has a loud whistle noise at startup.  However if i loosen the blleed screw on the hose so that coolant slowly leaks out while running, the noise goes away.   It seems like its either air in coolant system. I bled the coolant after replacing it in both radiator & engine block.  Wjy does tje noise dissaoear when i loosen bleed screw?

E60 BMW 550i 2006 model

21 Jan 2020 •
Greetings, I have two issues: 1. My idrive doesn't work, it turns on then freeze, then off again, what could be wrong? 2. When I start the car, there is a cluck noise as if the starter wants to turn but nothing happens. I now switch it on and go direct to the starter with the screwdriver and it will start. I have checked all fuses and relays.  Please help

fail safe '98 740il

19 Jan 2020 •
what could cause my failsafe to kick in?

Bad alternator?

17 Jan 2020 •
Can a bad alternator cause random misfire?

Bmw 320d 2009

15 Jan 2020 •
Hi  I have bmw 320d 2009 model. Recently I took my car to garage because I was getting some cracking sound from speakers when ever i open the door or starts the car it will come for few seconds then gone. So I took it for check up however while  machanic check the amplifier and all sorts of wire which connects the amplifier suddenly the head unit trun red and then all blank after that no sound and no screen will start. He checked all the fuse and fuses all well. It's really very frustrating. Please help me on this I really don't know what to do. 

2001 BMW 325i Crank no Start issue

14 Jan 2020 •
     I have a BMW that will crank but just will not start. The starter is new, I checked and replaced all fuses and relays that were bad, my fuel pump is working, but its as if my car will not start to what seems to be a lack of fuel. Tomorrow I will check spark plugs and coils, but does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to solve this issue? 


13 Jan 2020 •
Key fob not working