2002 Acura misfire cylinder 1

Lisa Cesano • 20 August 2019

My check engine light and tcs light came on. I ran the obd2 code and it says cylinder 1 multi. misfire. located the prob. needed a coil pack. only changed the one on cylinder 1 also did all plugs. Lights went out all was well. I wanted to replace the rest of the coil packs thinking it would be smart. also when the first one was done the boot on the coil pack was stuck and had to dig it out. p.i.t.a. now I've changed all plugs and coils and it ran amazingly for 1 day! next day same lights came on. HELP! Anyone know where I went wrong?


Sad to hear that! Did you use original parts? Also, did you replace them yourself.


It can either be a faulty part, or more probably an issue with the way they were installed. You can check again and let me know what happened.

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