Rear view mirror light - Mercedes E550

melissa561 • 15 August 2019

I had my start button replaced. When I click the unlock button on my keyfob the rearview mirror light turns on and stays on when the car is running. I cannot get it to turn off. Does anyone know what this might be from? The rear view light turns off when the car is off. Thank you

What a frustrating problem! This is unfortunately a more technical wiring problem that happens among many cars.

If you are pretty good with cars, please find a wiring diagram for E550.


Start with checking the dome wiring or the door wirings that might connect with the rear view mirror.


This is usually what causes the problem. As you said, it started after replacing the power button, it might be this wiring/electrical problem.

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  • I suspect this to be a wiring problem and I would suggest starting with a scanner. While it might not pinpoint the exact issue, it might be good to start with some idea of the problem. You might be able to find a wiring table/diagram to help you with the issue. 

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  • Looks like your car's wiring is malfunctioning. Get it checked from an experienced auto mechanic. Also, do not forget to check the courtesy fuse on the passenger side. Sometimes, they would switch off on their own as well. There is nothing to panic about as this is a pretty common issue faced by a number of vehicle owners all over the world. Just take your car to an auto mechanic. 

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