2015 C300 Shifting Issues/Limp Mode

John Minnich • 7 November 2019

Hello. I have a 2015 C300 that is having issues shifting after driving for a bit. This usually occurs 15-20 minutes into a drive, but not every single time. When accelerating, the car jerks extremely hard as if it's trying to shift into the next gear but can't. After a few attempts, and violently jerking, the car goes into limp mode, which prevents it from going above 2100 RPM. Turning off the car, removing the key, and opening the door resets it and then it drives normal until it happens again.

There is no consistency with a certain speed or a certain gear. This has happened at 20 mph and 60 mph and anywhere between with any gear transition.

I have an appointment scheduled with the dealership, but looking for any experience or expertise on the matter beforehand.


I agree. Check transmission fluid level first. If that's good then the valve body or conductor plate. You will need to use a good scanner to read the transmission codes. If it is a bad conductor plate there are companies that can rebuild them for much less than replacing it. 

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  • Thanks guy, I'll take a look. Feels like I just got it checked not long ago, but I'll have to double check my records. Seems like I have a couple options beyond that, thank you.

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