Car overheating

sid a • 6 November 2019

Alright, so I have changed radiator, water pump, thermostat, flush coolant, and did test of Block Tester BT-500 Combustion Leak Test Kit - Made in USA - and color is not turning yellow for head gasket issue. Can it still be head gasket? I did add aftermarket exhaust with catalytic converter removed. Why is the car still overheating? I see no signs for head gasket. One thing i did notice is hissing sound coming from engine after it overheats and i turn off the car, which i heard can be sign for head gasket issue. I want to sell the car soon and cannot sell it when it's overheating after 15 to 20 min of driving. Please help!!!!


The hissing may be coolant system releasing pressure. One thing that you didn't mention is the cooling fan is that kickikng in? I can't rember if that model has a viscous clutch for the fan but they can fail too.

Did you mix 50/50 coolant and distilled water when you added coolant? 

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