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23 Dec 2019 •
my kia optima 2016 is over heating after minutes of starting,fan is not working and i got code p1035 from diagnostics reading.  

decode radio

23 Dec 2019 •
decode opel corsa sdl68 radio

Reverse gear only

23 Dec 2019 •
No previous problems. No leaks went to drive it and nothing but reverse. I jacked it up level, took the full plug out and a small amount of fluid came out and it appears to be full

how do i adjust the volume of my parking sensor?

23 Dec 2019 •
how do i increase the volume of my parking sensors on my 2008 s550? i puchased the car 2 weeks ago and just noticed the very low volume. no diagnostics have been preformed yet. im still getting acclaimated to the cars features.

flashing code

20 Dec 2019 •
Dealership is closed for weekend but I see a flashing code?  CAL on dash very small and between Direction and Temp        It is just above word Vehicle.       It flashes consistently but I have checked book and can not see that code and don't know how serious it is. I noticed it when I drove the car today but picked it up yesterday but wasn't sure if it was there or not.  

Slk r172

19 Dec 2019 •
Where is the heated seat control module located please

Ayuda con kia sorento 2014

14 Dec 2019 •
Hello a few days ago I changed the control panel of the helm of my kia sorento 2014 since the audio buttons and call and hang up stopped working, to my surprise the new board that I installed gives me the same problem, have any idea that  problem could be

2020 MB sprinter incomplete chassis

13 Dec 2019 •
We've recently swapped a box from a 16' sprinter onto the customers new 2020. I've run into several issues and have slowly been working my way through them. First was finding a circut to tie into for marker lights on the box, ended up having to switch lights out with LED and the issue isn't present currently (intermittent flashing). We have a tommy gate on the rear with an "add a light" kit that are LEDs. There are set up as combined functions from factory (may be an issue but am not entirely sure at this point). 

EOD not starting (Imobilizer light blinking and the fused still ok)

13 Dec 2019 •
I have been battling with my EOD for the past one week now. Its a manual Transmission Honda Accord 2005 Model. The engine crank but not starting, the Check engine symbol is not displaying on dashbaord and the Immobilizer symbol is flashing on the Cluster display. please can someone help out?