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Android Auto Install/ setup in MB

29 Dec 2019 •
Hey Guys, I have 2018 Mercedes Benz GLC300 4MATIC . Please help to assist how do I Install/setup Android Auto/ Apple car play in this car? As there is no Android auto or carplay in this model.   TIA

Underhood OBD2 connector where is it

28 Dec 2019 •
There's no communication between the ECU and the vehicle I'm trying to find the underhood OBD2 connector

12v relay signal for high-beam for mounting auxillary lights, Mercedes W205 / C180

27 Dec 2019 •
Hi. Please, anybody knows how to get 12v+ signal to a relay, activated when the high-beam lights are activated? I have LED original on both hi- and low-beam. I will use the signal to activate a relay for auxillary led-bar lights. Do i need for example a Cannect / CanM8 can-bus to analog adapter or is there a place to get thev 12v signal directly from the car without fault codes in the system?   Thanks so much for your answer. / Daniel Gaikonen. 


27 Dec 2019 •
I have a red warning light in the dash telling me to reduce oil however when I checked the oil through the dash instrument panel it says the oil is okay what will I do


26 Dec 2019 •
How many and were are the o2 SENSOR'S on an 07 Kia Rondo with an 2,7L V6  

error code P0404

26 Dec 2019 •
Is that code mean problem with egr?What you suggest?

Trans. Malfunction on dash board

25 Dec 2019 •
Dashboard is reading trans. Malfunction  bottom of car hit curb but drove a couple hundred miles before the alert.

Radiator issuses

24 Dec 2019 •
Hi i topped up my raidiator level and now my car is over heating , splatering , not holding levels sounds like its missing it cant afford a machenic atm i dont know what to do 

Left blinker

23 Dec 2019 •
Left turn signal flashes rapidly.  All bulbs are new..I heard it has something to do with a computer. Isee 2 small plug ins. That look like blinker rellays but don't think so.. They are were the fuses are inside left hand side.