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6 Jan 2020 •
Trans was jerking going into safe mode. Drain and replaced seals and filter. Reconnected and filled unit Attempted to power up and start, getting no transmission display and shift indicators flashing with no start. Repeated process re-seated and re-placed IVM, re-seated control modules, still getting same trouble. Replaced valve body, re checked all connections. Where could my trouble, still looking to check connections, wire harnesses, etc. Still get same trouble, no start, no transmission display and flashing shift indicators

Bmw 3 series overheating

5 Jan 2020 •
I have a bmw 328i year 2000. I cant figure out why its overheating still. Ive replaced radiator thermostat water pump reservoir tank etc. I think for some reason its electrical at this point but idk. Please help. 


4 Jan 2020 •
i got a 2003 subaru outback w low rpm steering problem. when turning into driveway/parking, steering is very hard(like no power steering. i put new powersteering pump on& it made problem worse. any ideas? cant get rid of air bubbles in tank, turned wheel, lock to lock atleast 200 times& no succes. any help is appreciated

Slightly 2 years old battery

3 Jan 2020 •
I have a 2012 S63 AMG (MB) I have a slow start with this battery and it's a little over 2 years old. Can someone please tell me how to find out if I have a warrantee on this. I had a professional battery tester placed on it and he showed me where it was stable with the charge, then shortly after that, it started leaking out some of the charge. It's a real Mercedes battery, because of all the tags that are on it. No warning lights ever came on,  I noticed this problem about a month ago, from Dec to Jan 2020.              Thanks!

Help Requested on an SL500 Mercedes

2 Jan 2020 •
I purchased the car at auction during the summer of 2019.  I currently have 2 problems that no one can seem to answer.  Can you help?: - The digital clock on the center of the dashboard does not keep accurate time.(runs too slowly).  Is there a way to correct this?

97 Mercedes c230

2 Jan 2020 •
passenger side tail light problems,

1993 Nissan 4 wheel drive extra cab

1 Jan 2020 •
I have a 93 4 wheel drive pickup extra cab and I just got a 2003 Xterra rolling chassis I want to put the axles from the Xterra under my pickup how difficult is that going to be for me

No power to injectors

29 Dec 2019 •
Why would i have no power to injectors?please help

Android Auto Install/ setup in MB

29 Dec 2019 •
Hey Guys, I have 2018 Mercedes Benz GLC300 4MATIC . Please help to assist how do I Install/setup Android Auto/ Apple car play in this car? As there is no Android auto or carplay in this model.   TIA