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newly minted owner of a 08 BMW 335i, got a few questions..

11 Jan 2020 •
I recently replaced my plugs and coil packs on my beemer. Now I've changed em out, of course there's a noticeable rise in power.. But......    I'm wondering if I need to get the chariot coded with the new parts?     ALL AND ANY HELP TRULY IA APPRECIATED. While I'm hip on combustion engines, I'm new to the world of bmw ownership.  Thanks again.

Mercedes 2002 C240

10 Jan 2020 •
Draining battery issue - when i turn off the car and I lock the doors a sound from the engine comes on on and off - and drains the battery all the time.  Anyone has experienced this with this particular model?

2007 Volvo XC70 AWD - Driver Information Module fault code

10 Jan 2020 •
I got a fault code of "Configuration fault, Faulty configuration" from the Driver Information Module and need to know what to replace: VOLVO_EN_TEST_00001>Automatically search>Smart Scan>DIM (Driver Information Module)>Module Information: ECU Hardware Part Number: 0030728647  A ECU Hardware Serial Number: 000000388784 ECU Diagnostic Part Number: 30786406  A


10 Jan 2020 •
When trying to activate my 2009 Mercedes Benz Ml 350 164 series car I get the following message Software error Ox 2312

2003 Tahoe 5.3L

10 Jan 2020 •
My 2003 Tahoe 5.3 L has random misfire runs good sometimes then bad other times checked wires everything except for replacing PCM is that a possibility

Hyundai genesis SRS

10 Jan 2020 •
My Innova Pro Car scan tool which says it has abs SRS says that my 2013 Hyundai Genesis does not support SRS is that true or is my tool no good

2003mercedes e320 key not working

9 Jan 2020 •
My key worked just fine last night but when I went to start my car this morning it won’t turn in the ignition or lock/unlock the doors. I push the buttons and nothing happens. No little light comes on. Nothing! Please help!!

Fault codes

9 Jan 2020 •
How to fix a mercedes benz A160 with diagnosis code P0600 and P0335

Stuck in P could not start

8 Jan 2020 •
I have a ML320 CDI 4MATIC 11/2007 Stuck in PACKING was starting without any problem later finds it hard to start although the battery is perfect.but when is inserted says it’s not on P position but on the dashboard is on P please what might be the problem 

mercedes s430

7 Jan 2020 •
drivers door lost all power function any help would be nice. has power to door but no operation of any kind, windows,seat, etc..