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14 Jan 2020 •
My GL450, one side is down and the other side is up. I was told the right rear air spring(bag) is blown which it is. Before, my gl450 sits low when off but when on, it rises up. However, after getting new tires and doing an alignment, one side would not go up. My problem happened right after new tires and alignment was done. Took it to mercedes and they told me that the air bag is popped, but they also want me to replace all FOUR level sensors and the left rear air spring(bag) too.

2009 AUDI S3 Sportsback

14 Jan 2020 •
Powersteering light on dashboard shows red??? Vehicle turn extremely difficult   

Parking Brake contact switch 1997 C280 MBZ

14 Jan 2020 •
I had a mechanic tell me to replace the PARKING BRAKE CONTACT SWITCH, I bought one. The mechanic is gone....  Can anyone tell me where it is located?  The Brake  indicator on my dash stays on and it beeps constantly when car is in motion. I've searched YouTube and Googled it. Help!  please.  

2001 BMW 325i Crank no Start issue

14 Jan 2020 •
     I have a BMW that will crank but just will not start. The starter is new, I checked and replaced all fuses and relays that were bad, my fuel pump is working, but its as if my car will not start to what seems to be a lack of fuel. Tomorrow I will check spark plugs and coils, but does anyone have a suggestion on what I can do to solve this issue? 

1991 MBZ 300 SL

13 Jan 2020 •
Hi Will the transmission reset procedure work with my older Benz???


13 Jan 2020 •
Installed new tires on my 2003 500 sl now I am getting a abs bad esc lights any suggestions 

2017 Mercedes CLA250 limp mode

13 Jan 2020 •
Hello, I have a 2017 Mercedes CLA250 that has gone into limp mode and check engine light is on. I have already ran diagnostic scan and got code P0234. I believe it is the boost sensor, MAF sensor, or MAP sensor. Problem is, I do not know where any of these are located. Does anyone have a clear picture of where each of these sensors are located? 


13 Jan 2020 •
Key fob not working  

08 bmw 335i

12 Jan 2020 •
Hi. I have a 08 bmw 335i and recently changed the center console. After putting it back together and started up the car I’m got a r n d error with a gear picture. r n d may not be possible use manual shift if necessary but it goes into gear just fine and shifts like it’s suppose too. I’m guessing it’s a loose wire or connection. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated as this error/warning is annoying. Thanks in advance.

newly minted owner of a 08 BMW 335i, got a few questions..

11 Jan 2020 •
I recently replaced my plugs and coil packs on my beemer. Now I've changed em out, of course there's a noticeable rise in power.. But......    I'm wondering if I need to get the chariot coded with the new parts?     ALL AND ANY HELP TRULY IA APPRECIATED. While I'm hip on combustion engines, I'm new to the world of bmw ownership.  Thanks again.