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factory fault code to pcodes

2 Aug 2019 •
Hi is there a conversion table to convert factory codes to p codes

07 mercedes SLK vibration

31 Jul 2019 •
This issue was sudden onset with no prior symptoms.   The car now feels as though there is a rear flat tire. <20 mph.  Like the rear end has that bump up and down then a shift from side to side.  It then smooths out and then vibrates again  over 40-45 mph.  Vibration increases with speed and continues after gas pedal is released until almost stopped.   New tires and never seemed to need re balanced, possible that ball joint is beginning to fail (classic symptoms have shown x 2-3 wks)   Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you

Esp error

31 Jul 2019 •
Hello, I have a mercedes c230 kompressor coupe 2003 and i have a problem wich i need urgent help with When starting the dash tells me to visit work shop esp malfunction, the gas paddle won't work, and the engine does a really funny sound like i can't discribe it but the rpm plays between 15 and 20 which is very high for a idle car If you're willing to help i can send you a video describing the sound and the symptoms P.S: i tried taking it to many mechanics they scanned it but seems not to understand the problem Thank you in advance. 

E92 M3 Reduced Engine Power

28 Jul 2019 •
The half engine light occurs while idling(I stop the car waiting for red lights or something, like 10s later the light comes out, always) with reduced engine power message. Code:  278D BSD, Alternator Missing 279A DME Oil sensor 27E4 DME  Is the problem related to the alternator? or the regulator? or something went wrong with the cable? 

Rear strut mont removal

28 Jul 2019 •
Trying to remove rear shock strut mint, any helpful hints , I’ve been at it and it The only thing holding me up

Air con problems

28 Jul 2019 •
My air con is broken and the engine cuts out when I turn it on. Is it safe to drive the car as long as thr air con is turned off unti I can get it fixed

Comand (radio, navi, etc.)

27 Jul 2019 •
My R-class has an issue with the comand central. It can be difficult to turn on, an if it's turned on sometimes the buttons on comand (and volume-control) won't work. If so is, the only thing I can do is use volumbuttons and track-changebuttons on steering wheel. Must I replace the unit, or is it an another way to fix this problem (reset the software or somthing)? I've tried to take out fuses no. 23, 25, and two more (perhaps 57 and 59, it's for the cd or camand - I don't remember), and then it works allright a little bit, or not some times. Any suggestions?

My Car

26 Jul 2019 •
I have a 2014 Nissan Sentra SV with a CVT. Since having the car I experienced random bucking. I took it to the dealer and was told it was normal. Now years later the transmission failed. I have recently had the transmission rebuilt. The shop has had it for over a month due to locating parts. Now they put the rebuilt transmission in and say they are getting a code that a sensor is malfunctioning. This is cause the speed to read incorrectly. They said the transmission is running faster than the odometer is reading.

Ford Focus Oil Change Light

23 Jul 2019 •
So yesterday I am driving my Ford Focus(1 litre ecoboost 125hp) and all of a sudden the oil change light starts blinking. I stop the car immediately just to check if a quick start and stop of the car will fix the light or not and it doesn't. So I go out and wait for the engine to cool to see if there is enough oil in it. I clean the dipstick and put it back in and then take it out again and to my surprise-the oil level is fine almost near the maximum. Now it has been some time since I last did an oil change- perhaps around 13,000km which is probably a lot but I totally forgot to do it :D.

Transmission issues

23 Jul 2019 •
Hello I got a 1995 E34 530I and I cannot get it to go in drive, The works fine ,but I was trying to take it out of park and heard a pop like something broke and the car would only go in reveres and park but not forward. Any help will be much appreciated .