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My Bmw is stuck in park

26 Jan 2020 •
Hi I have a BMW X6 with a ZF8 Auto box I just had the gearbox changed now the car won’t select a gear ? It has been topped up with oil it is stuck in park if you put it in drive the stick stays in park. The emergency neutral switch is down. It has been locked in neautral now so it can be moved and the stick is showing the green N. 

What sat nav version

25 Jan 2020 •
Evening folks, new member. Just bought a 2010 e350 convertible. The sat nav has not been updated since 2011. Looking to update but I’m unsure what version of command is in the car. Any help would be appreciated. Tia

Mercedes C Class 56 plate

25 Jan 2020 •
My car has developed an intermittent potential stall problem. It runs fine but occasional when pulling up to a stop light or traffic queue it will throw up the battery warning light run erractically for a few seconds then correct itself or I push it into Neutral and press the accelerator and it clears - until the next time. Any suggestions where to start please It does not show up with the check engine light.

Instrument cluster

24 Jan 2020 •
Im trying to fiind put what all symbols are on instrume t panel

2003 Mitsubishi Outlander SES light

23 Jan 2020 •
SES light, (not CEL), came on, yesterday evening. I have seen many different responses, online, about what this means. Does anyone here, *know* whether it's a basic service reminder, or something *really* wrong? I am planning on having the code read today, I know that should help, too.

Whistle noise at start up

22 Jan 2020 •
2002 bmw 525i  has a loud whistle noise at startup.  However if i loosen the blleed screw on the hose so that coolant slowly leaks out while running, the noise goes away.   It seems like its either air in coolant system. I bled the coolant after replacing it in both radiator & engine block.  Wjy does tje noise dissaoear when i loosen bleed screw?

Coupure de courant

22 Jan 2020 •
Mercedes r 230 année 2006 272 CV. J'ai le 1er contact qui se fait par intermitance, quand sa se produit j' ai une partie du sam avant gauche qui n'est pas alimenté,donc exemple essuies glaces qui ne marche pas, Radio, GPS, etc. Je pense que c' est le module EZS qui est en faute, qui peut  me confirmé ( SVP )

Rack and pinion mount issues

22 Jan 2020 •
Hit a pothole in my 07 prix a while back..Broke the right mount bracket off the rack..Replaced the rack then about 2mo later the right mount bracket broke again.So I replaced it again along with a new shock and spring on right side..But it broke again in same place the right mount bracket..So now I'm stumped.Dont want to replace rack for 3rd time.Gotta be something else..Need help plze..And thank you.

E60 BMW 550i 2006 model

21 Jan 2020 •
Greetings, I have two issues: 1. My idrive doesn't work, it turns on then freeze, then off again, what could be wrong? 2. When I start the car, there is a cluck noise as if the starter wants to turn but nothing happens. I now switch it on and go direct to the starter with the screwdriver and it will start. I have checked all fuses and relays.  Please help

merc automatic gearbox change

21 Jan 2020 •
Hi there,   I wonder if you can help as I have a Mercedes Benz slk 230 kompressor 1999. As every time winter comes it has trouble coming out of 1st gear until it warms up, but I do not have this trouble in the summer as don’t have to wait for it to warm up at all. This happens only first thing when left over night and no other time. I had all the transmission fluid changed and it improved it but then summer comes and it does not happen again until winter.