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MB s500 7226 13pin plug

24 Aug 2019 •
Peter Kissa
Looking for 13 pin transmission plug 'O-Rings" Purchased conductor plate kit, but  O-Rings for plug not included.

How to replace M270 GLA thermostat?

24 Aug 2019 •
Jerry Wan
My 2015 GLA thermostat seem not working well and also has engine pending code p0128. The temperature drops on air condition on and heat on. Need full guide for replacing thermostat. Any help will appreciate. Thanks

Bluetooth Adaptor Dongle for Mercedes Benz

22 Aug 2019 •
For a while on my car, the bluetooth adapter was broken so I finally bought a new bluetooth cradle adapter. When I went through the process of pairing my phone, it went okay, and everything got set up. My car authorized my phone and on my bluetooth screen on my phone (iphone XR), a new device showed up. However, this device was named "mobile phone" which I thought was strange. Even more so, when I clicked on it, it said that "this device is not supported by iphone." and promptly asked me to forget this device. I trolled around online, couldn't find anything specific for this case.

Mass air flow sensor

20 Aug 2019 •
 I replaced my air flow sensor, the idle is choppy, chokes, but when disconnected idles fine, is there a calibration step I need to apply ?

2002 Acura misfire cylinder 1

20 Aug 2019 •
Lisa Cesano
My check engine light and tcs light came on. I ran the obd2 code and it says cylinder 1 multi. misfire. located the prob. needed a coil pack. only changed the one on cylinder 1 also did all plugs. Lights went out all was well. I wanted to replace the rest of the coil packs thinking it would be smart. also when the first one was done the boot on the coil pack was stuck and had to dig it out. p.i.t.a. now I've changed all plugs and coils and it ran amazingly for 1 day! next day same lights came on. HELP! Anyone know where I went wrong?

Rear view mirror light - Mercedes E550

15 Aug 2019 •
I had my start button replaced. When I click the unlock button on my keyfob the rearview mirror light turns on and stays on when the car is running. I cannot get it to turn off. Does anyone know what this might be from? The rear view light turns off when the car is off. Thank you

Air Suspension compressor

14 Aug 2019 •
James Watson
2002 Mercedes-Benz s55 AMG

1999 E300 TD

14 Aug 2019 •
John Sawicki
Hi What is the best diagnostic tool for my 1999 E300 Turbo Diesel? I was watching the video about iCarsoft MBII for Mercedes Benz and noticed that there was no option for W210 model. I saw W209 and than went right to W211 Thanks

Nissan Murano Clock spring/Steering angle sensor nightmare

12 Aug 2019 •
Pat Shan
Hi.  I changed my clock spring in my 06 Nissan Murano.  . After replacing the clock spring I took it for a ride. The car shudders and pulls when you turn it to the right or left and the slip light blinks.  I discovered there was steering angle sensor on the back of the clock spring. I heard you have to bring the car to the dealer to recalibrate a steering angle sensor but that didn't work.I then found out that I had the wrong steering angle sensor installed.  The new  clock spring from eBay I got had a different sensor attached.

BMW help

12 Aug 2019 •
alexus hurst
So, I have a 2011 BMW 3 series 328i. My brake light came on a day after I got the car also my ABS is on and a triangle with a circle around it had came on well. Two or three days later, it all turned off and I assumed it was fine. I had hit 100 down a long stretched road (in which I could do in my 2004 Mercury Sable and not have this problem) and my engine light came on and then they all came back on. What does this mean? I don’t know much about a BMW but should I get it scanned or go to the dealership and have them look for it?