Nissan Murano Clock spring/Steering angle sensor nightmare

Pat Shan • 12 August 2019

Hi.  I changed my clock spring in my 06 Nissan Murano.  . After replacing the clock spring I took it for a ride. The car shudders and pulls when you turn it to the right or left and the slip light blinks.  I discovered there was steering angle sensor on the back of the clock spring. I heard you have to bring the car to the dealer to recalibrate a steering angle sensor but that didn't work.I then found out that I had the wrong steering angle sensor installed.  The new  clock spring from eBay I got had a different sensor attached. So I bought the right steering angle sensor used on ebay for $60 since a new one is $800 which is crazy. So I installed it.  The car still had the same problem. So I brought it to the dealership today so they could recalibrate it and it still didn't work This started as 20 min repair that is turning into a nightmare. Any suggestions??

Nissan 135000