Jhamari Edwards • 11 August 2019

Hi I'm in the market for this one bmw I saw is a 2006 bmw 525i and the man said he'd do for me 1200 because the cars engine is no good and I am in Orlando Fl so I was wondering what are some of yall thoughts or opinions on it and where can I get a good bmw inspector to come out and look at it and estimate the cost of trying to bring the engine back to life or any of you guys diy's for bringing a engine back to life and btw the interior is in good shape and the exterior and I tried to start the car and it was completely dead I had to unlock the door manually and it also didn't have push button start but here's the vin(wbane53556ck84290)Β and help and suggestions would really help me out or anyone with a shop

2004-2009 (E60, E61)