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Oil leak

18 Jan 2020 •
I have a 2004 Mercedes S430 with an oil leak, the leak is on passenger side.  It is near the bottom of the valve cover and I have replaced gasket with OEM one and it continues to leak.  The bolts were torqued down to factory specs, Anyone have any suggestions on how to repair it.

Coil pack clip

18 Jan 2020 •
What should I do if I broke one of the clips that hold the coil packs in?  What is a possible fix?   Thank you 

Bad alternator?

17 Jan 2020 •
Can a bad alternator cause random misfire?

Check ball location

17 Jan 2020 •
need the diagram of check ball location for transmission 6hp-19 off of a 2005 audi a6 quattro 3.2 BKH motor

car too low to drive 2004 MBZ SL500- 110,000 miles

17 Jan 2020 •
my wife drove the car home with it way to low to drive. It is equally low on all four wheels.  when it drops equally on all four wheels does that mean the airmatic pump has gone bad. Is there a way to test it and be sure it is a bad pump and not a bad relay or fuse.  does it use hydraulic fluid, and could that be low. what is the best place to buy the correct pump. there are several on Amazon, but none define for certain that it fits the 2004 MBZ SL6500.

Just a thank you

16 Jan 2020 •
Just wanted to thank this site.  Saved me $1200+. MB dealer told me I needed a new radio. Searching here I learned about soft command reboot.  Wealth of information  Tanks to all who contribute 

Check engine light on

16 Jan 2020 •
Where is the coil pack located on a  2002 toyota rav4?

2012 C250 Benz

16 Jan 2020 •
I’m having an issue with my ac blower but before I replace it I would like to know if and where would the fuse for blower be located at in my 2012 C250 Benz.. Thank you

Bmw 320d 2009

15 Jan 2020 •
Hi  I have bmw 320d 2009 model. Recently I took my car to garage because I was getting some cracking sound from speakers when ever i open the door or starts the car it will come for few seconds then gone. So I took it for check up however while  machanic check the amplifier and all sorts of wire which connects the amplifier suddenly the head unit trun red and then all blank after that no sound and no screen will start. He checked all the fuse and fuses all well. It's really very frustrating. Please help me on this I really don't know what to do.