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Trip Button not working steering wheel Elantra 2012

29 Jan 2020 •
Hi - The trip and reset button has suddenly stopped working on the steering wheel of my 2012 Elantra GLS.  Could this be a fuse? If so, which one? Thanks 

2016 kia optima

29 Jan 2020 •
my carjust got out of the shop getting front end damage repaired. now my battery is dead and when i jumped it off its running bad. like its missing it just had headlights and radiator and front bumper replaced

Reverse polarity and airbag sensor

28 Jan 2020 •
Hi Everybody well the dumb blonde syndrome has once again become an issue. I hooked up my battery backward after what i have found out was a parasitic draw due to a light that was always on anyway when i  hooked it up wrong it did spark before i attached and then nothing. I turned the key and nothing again . no clicking no fuel pump just dead. Heres where I think after checking all of the fuses the modules and so forth . The airbag light has been on for some time and i now know it cuts all the power to the engine.


28 Jan 2020 •
How to reprogram peugeot 207 key fob after battery renewal
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28 Jan 2020 •
I have an ML320 2008 and the bonnet sensor saying bonnet open but it isn't, can anyone help  

tps wiring

27 Jan 2020 •
2001 hyundai xg 300 3.0L v6, i need to know what is the tps wires for example black is ground but what are they others wires and the correct specs for adjusting the tps thanks any help would be love.

1998 sl500 convertible trunk lock stuck

27 Jan 2020 •
My trunk lock cylinder is stuck in lock out position and won't turn. Can't use control on dash or key fob remote to open trunk. How can I get cylinder to turn or how can I access trunk? Have tried feeling up cylinder with air, oils, tapping. Won't turn.

Battery dies on CLK 320

27 Jan 2020 •
Hi, I have a 2000 CLK 320 Cabriolet.  I just replaced the battery Saturday evening.  I drove the car about 10 miles on Sunday.  Monday morning, the battery was dead.  I did not get any readings on the dash about electrical problems. I did not leave the lights on, nor was there anything plugged into the outlets that might have drained the batter.  Is it the alternator?   Thanks in advance for your help!

2014 ceb

26 Jan 2020 •
What tools are needed to change the front rotors on 2014 CRV all wheel drive