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2003 325ci service engine light

3 Feb 2020 •
BMWs are new to me but I’ve had this car for 2 years. Has 172k miles and runs and drives as good as you would like. The service engine light comes on then off again. Every time I say I better check it out it goes away. It might come back on in a week or a month later. Then repeat. It has come on and I go somewhere and get back in and it’s off that fast. Crazy it’s a good car . Just bought a code reader but have not tested it yet because light went off again. Can weather or other elements cause this. I keep oil change with the highest grade and premium gas.

Heated Steering Wheel

2 Feb 2020 •
Overheated and burnt small hole in leather cover... Where is the temp sensor for the heated steering wheel on this vehicle? Is this the most likely  cause of the problem? Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks


1 Feb 2020 •
Our 2006 BMW 650I heated steering wheel overheated burning a small hole in the leather wrap, quickly turned off at the switch. I assume there is a temp sensor unit somewhere that should have controlled this but I guess it has failed … where and what it is I can't locate, I need some help or suggestions please..

09 Mercedes-Benz sprinter/Freightliner electrical issues.

31 Jan 2020 •
I am the proud new owner of an 09 Mercedes-Benz/freightliner Van. Recently the check engine light came on subsequent to the engine light coming on I came out to the parking lot climbed up into the captains chair put the key in the ignition turned it on and Bam ABS brakes for warning lamps are lit up. Additionally cruise control doesn’t work anymore and the center counsel cigarette lighter is dead.   I. Additionally cruise control doesn’t work anymore and the center counsel cigarette lighter is dead.  

Car Entry Convenience Feature

31 Jan 2020 •
  GuruR48MV I remember my salesman saying when you  first get into the car, you could do something  with the key fob that allowed the seat to raise  and even open the window on hot days.  Does  that ring any bells?  It was a convenience  feature.

Audi a4

31 Jan 2020 •
Just replaced the tcu in transmission and car is stuck in limp mode, how do I get car out if limp mode.


30 Jan 2020 •
I installing a EVM to my car C43 2020, it does not have enhance exhaust system, nor a switch. can i install the EVM ? how do i know it has a factory flap? thank you, gregory
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2013 Mercedes-Benz glk250

29 Jan 2020 •
Counting restarts show 8 and the engine light is also on. how could i bypass the ad blue restarts