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How to

8 Feb 2020 •
2003 Mercedes S 500 no power two instrument cluster key won’t turn is it to security thing

2002 Audi A4

6 Feb 2020 •
Just replaced tcm in transmission , and now when car is put into drive. The transmission gets stuck in 1st. Gear and don't shift into 2nd, or 3rd.  Why

mercedes benz citan van air filter

5 Feb 2020 •
I have a MB citan van but no manual available. Looking for advice on replacing air filter and oil filter.

99 mazda protege transmission

5 Feb 2020 •
Car started off needing seals from leaks.  Did that but, I can clear the OD blinking light and car will shift through gears but reving up between 2nd and third gears.  Car runs at 2700 rpms but goes up to 3900 rpms when trying to shift higher gears. When the OD light comes back on, car wont shift into overdrive.  Solenoid good. Fluids good, seals and bearing replaced, new oxygen sensor.  Transmission was replaced last year with a junk yard one but must be slipping. Sometimes it won't start up without messing with negative battery cable?

Battery Drain

4 Feb 2020 •
My Battery draining overnight when you lock it about 3 minutes go's bye  and the dashboard lights comes on, I replaced the front Sam, and battery's to no avail? any idea's Thanks Russell

2013 bmw twin turbo x5 35i

3 Feb 2020 •
So my dealership told me that I needed to replace the electric waterpump and thermostat so  I had a friend replace it and when I start it it still chugs out dies dont know why or what to do

Mersedes E class 2.0 petrol no voltage at the feul pump

3 Feb 2020 •
Hi I have a mersedes E2 class 2.0 petrol 1996 with no voltage a the feul pump and I can't find the feul pump relay . Can somebody help me where it is located there is no relay nekst to the battery ore in the boot .ore if somebody have a wiring diagram . Car vin number .WDB2100352A181990 reg is P2plw . Can someone please help me