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Overheating problems

28 Jun 2019 •
1998 Sl 500 convertible. I struck a rodent on highway last week and wheel shroud was torn off but no visible damage under vehicle, radiator, lines, etc., but ever since car overheats. I replaced thermostat, fixed bad heater hoses, checked coolant lines. No leaks. No damage. Filled with coolant. Still overheats. Coolant in resevour is boiling hot but seems to circulate. What else could cause this overheating issue. No check engine light.

KEYFOB not opening C230

27 Jun 2019 •
Key fob on 2006 c230 won"t unlock car.....I ALSO had new window tint this week!!....the lock and unlock buttons on front dash DO lock all (except drivers).....would that imply that the  central lock circuit and/or antenae module, and  fuses  are ok??

audi engine mount

27 Jun 2019 •
how many engine mounts are there in an audi a6 2007 saloon? Also what is a drop link bush please?

ESP malfunction?

27 Jun 2019 •
When I put my 2012 Mercedes SLK 250 in a hard turn on dry pavement, the ESP light came on, the other "ESP off" light came on and the screen said ESP inoperable - See user manual. Also the car went into "limp mode" only being able to drive at 20mph or less. I stopped the car, turned it off, then back on and it reset. Is there a malfunction issue with the ESP or is this normal, because the system was overloaded?

Mercedes Sunroof/Audio Question

27 Jun 2019 •
Hi! I’m new here & not knowledgeable at all. If you have any advice, please put it in simple terms so I will understand :)

Add Android Auto to a Mercedes GLS450

21 Jun 2019 •
2017 GLS 450 with installed: 14U SMARTPHONE INTEGRATION PACKAGE 16U SMARTPHONE INTEGRATION APPLE CARPLAY 531 COMAND APS NTG5/NTG5.5 It doesn't have android auto.  Dealer says if not loaded at the factory, I need to buy a new comand center.  Seriously?  Do you have a kit/software USB that I can purchase to add Android Auto; and while I'm at it, would like my comand screen video to stay on when the car is moving.   TY, DW

Front differential rebuild on 4Matic

21 Jun 2019 •
Here's the link in question: Youcanic made the video segments talking about front differential rebuild of 4Matic Mercedes benzes. The person did not mention about the 2 bearings before and after the pinion on how to take them out and replace them. 

Mercedes Airmatic Suspension Issues

20 Jun 2019 •
Hi,  I recently changed my air compressor as it had failed. The front right side of the car used to drop overnight so changed the suspension air bag along with the compressor. The car no longer drops as it used to, but I still hear the compressor turn on for a few seconds in the morning which indicates there still may be a leak somewhere. 

EGR spring broken

19 Jun 2019 •
I have a 2011 bmw 335d.  My car's egr spring is broken and it costs around $1200 to fix. Is there any way I can do DIY on it. Is it too difficult to fix? 

2003 E320 CDI injector probs?

18 Jun 2019 •
New to MB diesels. Had injectors cleaned and lost power! Prior to cleaning the car was a beast. Now, it barely accelerates from takeoff and won't make it up parking lot ramps. Any suggestions?  a. Tranny is in S position b. No obvious compression leaks 3. No fluid leaks 4. Once it hits 2500 rpm power returns to normal.