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12 Feb 2020 •
A very close friend of mine told me that car dealerships are responsible to repair seatbelt issues, because they are a safety hazard.  Is this true?  We have an airbag light that just.came on.

Check engine light on after we replace the timing chain

12 Feb 2020 •
06 camary 2.4  we replace the timing chain now the check engine light won't reset any suggestions what can be wrong also replace crank sensor mostly all sensors still on

Combination switch

11 Feb 2020 •
2015 Mercedes C 350 coupe. At the drivers seat under carpet at junction box there are 2 connectors same color. Actually a bunch of them but 1 controls wipers and 1 the turn signals. If I leave 1 connector unplugged the signals work but no wipers. Unplug that one and plug other the wipers work but no signals. Could Combination switch be bad or wiring issue. Doesnt matter where on junction box they are plugged same result.  Thank you for your help

Help flashing gear indicator and no drive

10 Feb 2020 •
I have a 2015 100 veloster and it bottomed out on the top of my driveway next time it was driven it was driven to the gas station after gassing up gear indicator  Began flashing in old years and will not drive and has several trouble codes includingp0807 p1807 p0906 p0882 p0507 p0116 please can anyone help

Mercedes oil problem

10 Feb 2020 •
I have a 2001 Mercedes e320 2001 and the oil is not showing on the dipstick, but when I open the oil cap to put oil I can see the oil like if it’s overfill 

Coolant leakage

10 Feb 2020 •
My car has coolant now has low low coolant level.can low coolant leakage cause leakage?what should i do to fix this?no warning lights 

BMW E60 V8 No crank No Start

10 Feb 2020 •
I bought a 2004 BMW 545i for a very attractive price. No Crank No start with a broken keyfob. 1st thing I do is buy a new battery & attempt to start the car. Everything turns on Dash works in “on” position, when the key is turned to “Start” .... No sound not even a click from the starter relay. Due to my past experience with BMW’s & EWS problems I bite the bullet , invest in a new key from a reputable locksmith.

2004 E500 Headlights

9 Feb 2020 •
I just bought 2004 E500. The headlights (OEM) are crap. The brightness is bad and barely show me whats in front of me. Can I get better brightness on my low beam, DLRs(My car shop will be adjusting the angle), or it is what it is? Can I exchange the back to LED or are they already LED? Thanks a lot

how to replace brake light switch on a 1999 e320 mercedes benz

9 Feb 2020 •
I was told that I need a brake light switch for my 1999 e320 mercedes benz. I know that there are 2 screws that come out for the cover that you need to loosen before getting access to the brake switch. How do you remove that cover without breaking it? It does not come down easily after taking out the 2 phillips head screws.

Volvo S40

9 Feb 2020 •
My Volvo s40 2004 shows red triangle warning light with exclamation in it, I just changed the top cylinder gasket, what could the light indicate