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Oil change

19 Feb 2020 •
Is it safe to use LIQUI MOLY Pro-Line Engine Flush on mercedes ml320 1999 when doing an oil change 

2013 BMW 328i Washer Pump fuse

18 Feb 2020 •
I looked high and low for the fuse that protects the windshield washer pump.  I can't believe that I can't find any information.  If you know the fuse number and location for the washer pump please let me know..  Thanks in advance for all replies.   Phil


18 Feb 2020 •
One day on my way to work, i went by my Brothers then made a stop to get gas. When I arrived at work I turned my car off, soon as I turned my car off the vehicle lost all power soon as I pressed the stop button. I couldn't even get my key out there was 0 power. We hooked it up to a jumper the power returned but my car will not start. It is not getting fuel or fire. If anyone has any idea of what could cause this issue please help.  2008 BMW 328i. Thanks
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Overheating issues on my r129 1998 sl500

17 Feb 2020 •
I am trying find out why my sl500 keeps overheating. I've had head checked, tested secondary fans, changed reservoir, thermostat, hoses, sensors. I bypassed the heater due to a leak in core prior. I don't see any circulation and when it overheats the fluid in reservoir boils and bubbles. The water pump is not leaking or coming out weep hole. What could be causing it to overheat? I don't know what else to check or address.

Automatic start

17 Feb 2020 •
Hi I'm wanting to put a automatic start on a 2015 GL63, the audio dealer in town is saying it depends on the firmware and it could get up to $1500. I was hoping for some help in something reasonable.

BMW drivetrain malfunction drive moderately

17 Feb 2020 •
My voice warning came on and said BMW drivetrain malfunction- drive moderately.   What does that mean ? 

scanner help

17 Feb 2020 •
Looking for a obd scan tool that works on my 1999 c280 202 05/1999. Any help will be greatly apperciated .

installing entry light in door

14 Feb 2020 •
is there a connection in the door of a s203 2006 cdi c200 for making a entry light in the doors. Or do i have to pull wires in the door

ML350 Misfire

12 Feb 2020 •
I have 2015 Ml350 with 54,000 miles that has random miss fire on cylinder 3 with code P030385. When I take vehicle to dealership they say they do not see any codes and cannot replicate.