Mercedes oil problem

• 10 February 2020

I have a 2001 Mercedes e320 2001 and the oil is not showing on the dipstick, but when I open the oil cap to put oil I can see the oil like if it’s overfill 


Mercedes E320  has the capacity of  8L  engine oil .  Did you change the oil ? 

It must show you the oil level in dipstick , otherwise  you have minimum level.

when you put oil in you car, then you should start the engine to run for 30 seconds or 1min , after that turn of the engine and wait 5min, check the oil level in dipstick.

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  • While I'm not very conversant with the 2001 mercedes e320, I know that my w203 works in a similar fashion. My mechanic suggests that the dash interface is the only way to get info about your oil level.

    I have found that to be true as the car makes a beeping sound when the oil is below the standard threshold with a warning "Engine oil level low"

    To check your engine oil level from the DIC, turn your key in the ignition twice, click the menu button on the left side of your steering wheel, use the arrow buttons to scroll down or up until you see mileage statistics and facts, press the menu button again and you should see the oil level. If there is a shortage, it should tell you just how much oil you need to add.

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  • There is a sensor in the oil pan that measures the quantity only, but sensors on these cars can fail and it is not showing you the oil level in dashboard.


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