Mercedes ML350 bluetec sputter misfire

• 15 November 2019
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Hi I have an 2013 MB ML350 Bluetec diesel suv with 50k miles. It misfires sputters at 1600 to 1800 rpm. I have since done an oil change. Changed engine air filter. Run a diesel Stanadyne additive and changed the fuel filter. Did a leak test on the turbo and air intake and replaced the o rings. Also did an ecu reset. Mass air flow sensors were changed not long ago. None of this has solved my problem. No engine light is coming on. Anyone else have this problem or a solution? Thanks in advance.

This is an interesting problem. I can try to help you fro my experience:

You see, Misfiring occures due to 3 reason:

1. Poor Fuel

2. Fuel Injecter


Have you checked these all? It's a dieasel so I understand not everything will be straight forward here

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