Keyless Go and Push Start wont work

Kevin123 • 2 December 2019

Hi Everyone, My apologies in advance if I am being redundant on this topic. I have a 2006 CLK 350 Conv with 86k miles clean car I purchased about 6 months ago from first owner. When I purchased the car the owner stated when he changed the batteries on the FOB the keyless go and push start stopped working. I find it hard to believe since both keys dont work(keyless go and push start function ).

Both Keys  unlock and lock the car, trunk panic etc and turn the car on ( when the key is in the iginition BUT the keyless go function doesnt work also the push start. When I sit inside the car it says FOB not detected, when i press the push start on my shifter i hear a noise much like a hissing sound telling me the push start is trying to do somthing but not starting the car. Any advice would help, Not worth taking to the dealer and paying a few hundred to thousands for the repair.  I have also heard not all Mercedes keys are Keyless go. Mine is 


First as you mentioned not all Mercedes keys are keyless go. So if those are not the original keys they may be the keys without the keyless go. Usually when owners just need a spare key they go for the cheaper fob without the keyless go chip in it. 

Second the car has a few antennas in the car for the keyless go and a module. One of them may be faulty. 

What I would recommend is to have someone with the star diagnostics scanner read the codes from the keyless go module. Or have the dealer do that for you for about 150. That way you will have a good idea of what is going on. 



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  • Oh an that's not the original key. That I can tell because the panic button would have been round. That does not mean that it is not a keyless go key. 

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