Combination switch

Elvis Bates • 11 February 2020
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2015 Mercedes C 350 coupe. At the drivers seat under carpet at junction box there are 2 connectors same color. Actually a bunch of them but 1 controls wipers and 1 the turn signals. If I leave 1 connector unplugged the signals work but no wipers. Unplug that one and plug other the wipers work but no signals. Could Combination switch be bad or wiring issue. Doesnt matter where on junction box they are plugged same result. 

Thank you for your help

It can be a short in the module itself or the wiring harness. Do you think that could be water damage? Havey rain recently? 

Ideally you want to scan this with star diagnostics. I think it is less likely a bad combination switch. Still a possibility but that can be tested with star? 

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