No crank no start

JT Miller • 8 October 2019

I'm having trouble with a 99 328i E46 I lost my key got so the transponder antenna ring and ews driveway anti-theft system course you know so I have my Eazy EQ ms42 deleted the ews drive away protection and type this thingy leader straight out of it and I'm still at a no start no start no crank no start. I'm almost positive I hear my fuel pumps since I have my seat off and I lay my head I can feel and hear him I don't know if you're pushing I don't know what but my battery is at 12.9 Terminal syndrome day all that has 12 12 12 12 6/7 up and I my ignition switches you know reading the same on the hot wires and my starter is Lessing I have not been able to get down and do and have somebody crank it from you so I didn't see any other reasons for this would be and I mean I don't have a lot of deletions of e c u ms42 and it should be a whatever King tumblers in there should plug-in play and fire up but still I'm not a no crank no start so instead of illuminated light and be sure you started with something to do with the ignition if anyone has any ideas or device how much grateful thanks