E92 M3 Electrical Issues

Rober Akker • 5 October 2019

Car is almost 10 years old has only 71,000km on the ODO.

List of Problems:

- Wipers won't shut off
- Turn signals are not canceling
- Speedo reads 0
- ABS and DSC errors
- Steering wheel feels loose
- Passenger Airbag is not functioning
- Seat belt restraining error
- Geeves the butler(the seat belt extenders) on both sides is not giving anyone seat belts
- Fuel gauge is messed up
- EDC error. Car sits higher as if it is in delivery mode from the factory
- Coupe seats quick move buttons are not functioning
- Navigation is not moving
- When I reverse the car there is metallic rubbing noise sometimes
- One of 5A fuse keeps burning ( fuse 26 to be exact) ABS and DSC fuse

I used ISTA+ and also check my battery voltage 12.5V when off and 14.5V when it is on.

I decided to take it to BMW dealership, because i have never seen an issue like this before. The have spent 6 hours (according to the SA). They changed 2 fuses which kept burning and ordered the ground fuse box wire which was corroded. In the end I ended up paying almost $700. I came home and same night everything came back it was raining like crazy outside. My wipers stopped for a second. I was almost having an accident in the middle of the highway. I had to pullover and restart the car and again windshield wipers are working non stop unless I pull out the fuse.

I went back upset that night and left the car at the dealership. Next day they said you know what your DSC module is damaged, and I have to pay almost 2500 on the top of 700 which i have already wasted. I asked him to give me warranty their work if it is something else. He said their master mechanic checked and they are very sure, but he did not want to give me 100 percent guarantee which mad me fee suspicious about it. I took the car back without fixing it.

Can a faulty DSC module burn this fuse which is the fuse for ABS and DSC and causing all the problems above? Dealership is very eager to sell me a DSC module
Battery is 5 year old, but when I tested the voltage it was good when the engine is on and off. The battery cable recall was done in 2018, so my negative cable is good. Dealership also changed the corroded ground wire behind the fuse box thinking that was the culprit.

I have throttle actuator bank 2 has gone bad it throws me in limp mode a lot lately, but it is an ongoing issue since last year. The problems above appeared 2 weeks a go. I am suspecting one ABS or speed sensor is shut causing this issue and blowing a fuse, but not sure. I am very confused and lost.

My apologies for the long message and thank you very much in advance for you advice.